Maybe I am a real softie, but I really cannot imagine that I am any different to the next guy. As I watch each of the Chilean miners being rescued, I get a huge lump in my throat, and it is really hard not to let the tears fall! It is wonderful viewing. It is a very rare kind of news – it is GOOD NEWS! Normally, the only type of news which gets such huge coverage is of disasters, but this story has captured the world. Many words have been used in the story, but today I heard many references to “coming out of hell”.

I love good news, and as I watch this story and see the joy on the faces of the relatives as they see their loved ones coming to the surface, I cannot do anything but draw a comparison to the real Good News – the Gospel. These miners are being saved from a pit, a dark place, a place with no future, a place of separation. As they come to the surface there is much rejoicing and relief. A short time ago there was no hope for them. Now they are free!

It just makes me realise the power of good news, and it spurs me to a greater determination to get the real Good News out! I want to see many, many, many people saved! Not just the miners – everyone around me. People who do not know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour are in a mine, a place with no future, no hope, no freedom, nothing which will last. Sooner or later they will run out of what they need to keep going, then their current place will become their grave.

But there is a rescue plan! There is a relief on its way. It is being drilled through the hard stuff that keeps them from the light, from freedom. It will go through the hard rock of disbelief, of lies, of misunderstanding, of suspicion. When the rescue cage reaches them they will have to make the decision – do they get in, or stay where they are? Bit of a no-brainer!

And what rejoicing there will be when they step into the light!

Time to start digging.