Adoni-bezek said, “I once had seventy kings with their thumbs and big toes cut off, eating scraps from under my table. Now God has paid me back for what I did to them.” They took him to Jerusalem, and he died there.
Judges 1:7 NLT

In the early days of Web design, all websites were built by coding directly in HTML, the language that drives the Web. Then programs came out which let you build the site in design mode and the html was written by the program for you. These programs came under the name WYSIWYG – an acronym for What you see is what you get.

I have always believed that everything I have ever done has brought me to this place that I am in at this moment, and that it always will. The enemy king in this verse found out that it was true.

The acronym should be rewritten to What You Do Is What You Get.

If I hate, I’ll be hated. If I hurt, I’ll be hurt. If I don’t forgive, I won’t be forgiven. If I help, I’ll be helped. If I give, I’ll be given to. If I love, I’ll be loved.