For my part, I wholeheartedly followed the Lord my God.
Joshua 14:8 NLT

The English language has so many words that are similar in sound but different in meaning. Normally I look for the fun that can come from that, but sometimes it’s not so funny. Sometimes it’s serious. Sometimes I need to be more serious. 

This passage made me think of the words wholly and holy.

My mind wanders. Sometimes I can read the Bible and, although my eyes are covering all the words, my mind is thinking about something else. I’m not giving my mind wholly to the reading. I’m not wholeheartedly following the Lord the way Caleb did. He was blessed with the pick of the land because he was wholeheartedly following the Lord.

I’m sure that, if I give my mind and my heart wholly to my time with God, I might find that I get closer to being holy.