So the Israelites examined their food, but they did not consult the Lord.
Joshua 9:14 NLT 

I don’t know how many decisions I make in a day. Some of them are trivial, some more important. To do something, or not, to say something, or not, to go somewhere, or not. Some are made in the flash of a thought, some are made after some or much deliberation.

How many times do I involve God in the decision? I could say “not enough” but to be honest the answer is extremely seldom, if at all. Pretty dumb, and a fairly lonely way of living my life. I’m not saying that I should ask him if I should have a tea or a coffee, but life would be much better and easier if I had a constant relationship with him, if I were constantly aware of and involved with his presence.

When I’m with Libby we aren’t constantly talking and I’m not constantly asking her to help me make a decision, but I am constantly aware of her and enjoying her company. When we have a big decision to make, we make it jointly.

That’s the way I should be with my God – I should constantly be in touch with him and constantly aware of him. Then the right decisions will flow and the mistakes will ebb.