Since you have never travelled this way before, they will guide you.
Joshua 3:4 NLT

It’s easy to get lost going somewhere new. It’s not so long ago that I would take a map and plot the way, but now, with satnav I just put in the postcode and press go. It doesn’t always work, though. Sometimes the satnav gets it wrong, but more often I just get it wrong. It’s much easier to follow someone.

Too often, though, I’m either too proud or stubborn to ask for help.

Life with Christ is a journey and I often find myself somewhere new. It’s too easy to lose my way, though, mostly because I’m not focusing on the journey, but sometimes because I’m just wandering aimlessly. I need help. I need direction.

In this passage it’s important to note that they were to follow the priests, but that the priests were also going somewhere new. The thing is that they perhaps had a better connection with the Lord. They were maybe more focused.

I need to follow people with a better focus and people who have already been there. I need to change my attitude so that I am actually prepared to follow!

I also need to be prepared to lead others who are going somewhere or going through something where I have already been.

And I’ve got to be careful that it’s not the blind leading the deaf….