On being a kept woman!


I asked Jesus to come into my heart and life when I was 5 years old. I had been and have been in the church all my life. I’m now in my 5o’s (not too far in yet) and have recently had what I can only describe as “a crisis of faith”. Robert and I recently left the church that I had attended all my life and have started going to another great church where we seem to be putting roots down again. But in the few weeks after leaving the church that had been such a big part of my life and for so long, I began to question what my faith had been in. Was it really in the God whom I had known all my life since 5 years of age, or was it in the church and all that is involved in it? The people, the services, the worship, the programmes, like Alpha etc. that we were involved in.


What goes down!


I have been reading an amazing book – Faith and Doubt, by John Ortberg. In part of the book, John explains that there are three kinds of faith:

  • the faith that we say we have. This is what I call “Sunday faith”. It is where we tell people that we have faith for something, but we don’t really believe it or live it.
  • the faith that we think we have. This faith is strong until it is tested. We might have faith in healing, for instance,  but when we fall ill the faith starts to peter out.
  • the faith that we really have. This is the faith that actually changes our behaviour.

Man on the edge, losing his balanceAn example of the third kind of faith is the law of gravity. My faith in gravity is absolute and changes the way I live. I know beyond any doubt that if I jump off the top of a ten-storey building then I am going down, quickly and with fatal consequences. My faith in the law of gravity therefore changes my behaviour – I don’t jump off. I keep my feet on the ground.

Just how much of my faith is like that, though? Just how is my behaviour determined by my faith? Do I ever step out in faith?

Taking courage and telling someone about Christ is not like jumping off a building, but it can feel like it, so I hold back, for fear of rejection or of making a mess of it. I keep my feet on the ground, perhaps with fatal consequences – I might be that person’s last chance of salvation. Then he/she is going down.

And that is the problem. Another kind of gravity is when we talk of something being serious, or grave. I know that I am playing with words here, but the gravity of the situation is the grave. My lack of faith can quite literally drop people in it. That should not be.

I have to change. My faith should be built on the solid foundation which is the risen Christ. My faith must rise, so that the laws of this world, including the law of gravity, are broken.

The only way is up!

Wot water?


Jesus immediately reached out and grabbed him. “You have so little faith,” Jesus said. “Why did you doubt me?”


Christian shop manager talks to gunman


A Christian shop manager talked a gunman out of robbing her shop by talking to him about Jesus. She was as calm as you get.

See more details and the security video at

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